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Studio at:  1401 Vine Street - Waterloo, Iowa  50703

The new year of 2013 has started off with the building of my studio in my garage to show all the different types of my work.


Whatever your interest - for the Most Personal Gift Ever consider a body casting !

Requests from different couples have come up with some really fun and different things - so whatever your interest just ask.

This is my project of the "Gallery of Ladies" a project that first got me started and now expanded and still in progress. 
If you want to be part of this Art Display please contact me and volunteer.  It only takes a few minutes to do the castings. 


Here is some information about my studio and my work.  For the past year I have been developing my skills and still learning about
different problems during the casting and molding processes.  Some of the casting are experimental and need to be tried again to correct some
of the things that have never been done before.

Now that my skills are much improved I have been doing lots of paid / commission work.  My requests are doing castings for wall mounting and
the biggest is for the lamps.  Ladies are requesting them of themselves, breasts, butts, and crotches for their boyfriends / husbands.

Recently I have gotten several request for casting to be used for classroom educational purposes.  Whatever your interest just ask - I would
love the challenge of new ideas for casting.  Please contact me with your ideas and requests.  All pricing depends on the size and complications of
the casting.  I have models available if you just want a particular casting for art or your sports team. 

Contact me at: Gary Bush Photography & Body Castings  (319) 233-2661 home / office 
or e-mail me at: or my cell at (319) 240-0382 - no texting please  

to see more of my works go to my home page

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